Humble over Hype – Chelsea Vaughn


Chelsea Vaughn came into Dsport in October 2015 with a passionate message she wanting to share with the public. She was so excited about spreading her message to the community and the MU campus. Her positive message of Humble over Hype has resonating not only through the Columbia community, but other communities as well. It is a message of hope in which everyone has a God given talent that far extends anything you might achieve on the field of play. Chelsea has been a great example of this, and how she is using her talent to give back to the community.

This message is why we have worked with Chelsea. From the day she walked into our store and over the last 2 years it has been a pleasure to work with her. She is a very passionate driven person with a great message.

So far she has reached several college campuses including Missouri, Auburn, Alabama, and Oklahoma. She recently achieved a trademark for the Humble over Hype brand. She is on her way to accomplish great things in the future.  We are very proud of her accomplishments, and it has been a pleasure to be a part of her message and watching her brand grow.

Please visit her website and see for yourself.


William Woods University – Fulton, MO

Travis Tamerius at William Woods in Fulton, MO is the Director for Center of Ethics and Global Studies; University Chaplain and Adjunct Instructor, Cultural Diversity.

Travis teaches a class called Woods Around the World where his students take trips to see foreign lands. Some of the countries they have visited are Australia, New Zealand, Galapagos Islands, and Cuba. They also have upcoming trips to Argentina, Antarctica and India. We designed and printed the T-shirts for the trips. Travis also teaches a very positive message to his students.

On August 21st we got to experience the full Solar Eclipse in Mid-Missouri. Travis had his camera at the time of the event. Below is his own words of the experience.

“We had a student event in our outdoor amphitheater, a DJ, BBQ and after mingling with everyone, I raced over to my side of the campus for a quiet moment. Some friends in Boston asked me to send the pics that I got.  Wasn’t too sure the cloud cover would clear well enough but it did. Snapped photos for 2 minutes and 34 seconds.

What you see in these two attached pics is completely unedited, unfiltered.  Our president was thrilled because the eclipse my camera saw included one of our school colors.”

Travis was so gracious to share this photo’s with Dsport, and gave us permission to share them with you. It has been a pleasure working with Travis and William Woods. It is always exciting to hear what the next great adventure they are taking each semester.